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  • January 2011
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    posted on January 6th, 2011 by Dana in News

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    Articles & Stories of Interest

    Deseronto Receives $2,000 from WFN/Bell - Ultimate Fishing Town Affiliate Winner

    Thanks to everyone who showed their support during the past month by voting for Deseronto to win the World Fishing Network Ultimate Fishing Town Contest!  The Town would like to extend a huge thank you to WFN and Bell for selecting Deseronto as an Affiliate Winner.  The Town will be receiving a $2,000 community donation!

    WFN - Deseronto Media Release

    Start spreading the word now so we can get the support we need to win Ultimate Fishing Town if WFN announces the contest again in 2013!  The winner could receive $25,000 to use towards a community project to benefit fishing enthusiasts!

    Stay tuned for updates regarding the community donation and resulting project to benefit Deseronto’s fishing community!

    Deseronto Greening Project 2010
    2009 Deseronto Senior of the Year
    Deseronto Author Richard Goodfellow Publishes Book of Poetry
    Generous Grants Result in New Ballpark for Deseronto
    Deseronto Volunteer Appreciation Awards Apr 25th, 2009
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    Book of Poems Published by Deseronto Author & Carpenter Earl D. Silver
    Book Published About Deseronto’s WWI Pilot Training Camps
    Local Market Gardener Publishes First Book
    Deseronto Featured in Celebrate Canada 2010
    Jan 13th 2009 Council Meeting Held at Public School for First Time in Town’s History
    Deseronto Resident Marion Trenholm Receives Senior Achievement Award