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Public Transportation Services for Deseronto and area residents. Provide affordable transportation to communities including Napanee, Belleville, Prince Edward County and destinations in between.  Call the depot for route/rate information or visit

Local Charter Service: Deseronto Transit offers local charter services for all types of events.  Our services are perfect and affordable for smaller scale events such as sporting events, winery tours in the County, group bus rentals to the Casino or the Sandbanks; really, for any event imaginable.  With a full bus (16 passenger), the cost per person is very economical and can be as low as $6.00 per person. Pricing for charter trips varies by distance and driver time.  Please call or email for a quote today!
Charter Services Information

The Deseronto Transit Steering Committee governs the operations of Deseronto Transit.  The committee meets once per month at the Deseronto Public Library.

Are you looking for additional transportation services within and outside of Hastings and Prince Edward Counties?  Click on the logo for a complete list of area transportation providers.

Transit Schedule
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)
Priority & Courtesy Seating
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For further inquiries, please contact:

Susan Stolarchuk, Transit Administrator


Phone: 613-396-4008

48A Brant St. Deseronto, ON K0K 1X0


Administration/Bus Depot:

Monday-Friday: 8:30am - 4:30pm

Saturday & Sunday: Closed

Tickets can always be purchased from the driver when boarding the bus.  Exact change is required.


Transit Schedule

Belleville-Prince Edward County Schedule 

Picton-Belleville Schedule 2014

Napanee-Deseronto-Tyendinaga Schedule 

Deseronto Schedule 2014

Napanee Intra City Thursday Schedule

Please Note: Deseronto Transit does not operate on statutory holidays.

Deseronto Transit now offers monthly shopping trips to Napanee which includes all major grocery destinations.  Please follow the link below to view the schedule.

Monthly Shopping Trips

Deseronto Bus Stop/Pick-Up Locations

In addition to the depot located at 48A Brant St.  Deseronto Transit offers additional bus stops located at 320 Edmon St., as well as locations on Dundas, Main and Thomas Streets.  Just look for the white Deseronto Transit signs.  Please see the above schedule for stop locations in other communities Deseronto Transit travels to.


Individual tickets & weekly/monthly passes can be purchased from the Deseronto Transit office at 48A Brant St. or the Deseronto Town Hall located at 331 Main St.  Tickets can also be purchased directly from the driver (exact change required).

2014 Fare Schedule


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

For detailed information regarding prices, routes and schedules pick up your copy of the Deseronto Transit (DT) brochure today.

Brochures are available at the DT office located at 48A Brant St. Deseronto.

Who can ride with Deseronto Transit? Everyone can ride the bus!  You don’t have to be a Deseronto resident.  Deseronto Transit provides transportation to residents of Hastings, Prince Edward and Lennox & Addington Counties.

Where does Deseronto Transit go? It travels to Deseronto, Napanee, Belleville, Prince Edward County, with stops at many communities in between.

What are Deseronto Transit’s hours? At present transportation services are from Monday to Saturday at varying times throughout the day.  Refer to the schedule above for complete details.  Deseronto Transit does not operate on statutory holidays.

Where can I catch the bus?  There are bus stops in Deseronto, Napanee, Belleville, Prince Edward County, and destinations in between.  Schedules are available at the Deseronto Transit office 48A Brant St. and the Deseronto Town Hall 331 Main St.  If you don’t see a stop listed near your location, call the Transit Depot to see about arrangements.  The two main stops in Deseronto are located at the Transit Depot 48A Brant St., and 320 Edmon St.  There are also stops on Main, Dundas and Thomas Streets in Deseronto.  Just look for the white & black Deseronto Transit signs.

What do the bus stops look like?  All bus stops are marked with the Deseronto Transit logo shown below.

Where can I buy tickets & monthly passes? Tickets/passes can be purchased directly from the driver when you catch the bus, from the Deseronto Transit office at 48A Brant St.  or from the Town Hall at 331 Main St.  See above or call the office for price information.

•       Does Deseronto Transit provide transportation for employment purposes only? No!  You don’t need to be going to work to ride with us.  Deseronto Transit provides transportation for all purposes, such as: school, appointments & errands, visits to friends & family, veterinary trips (with animals in a cage or muzzled).

Does Deseronto Transit offer wheelchair accessibility? Yes, we have a vehicle in our fleet that is wheelchair accessible.  Please call ahead to ensure this vehicle is available for your route.

Are there tax credits available for public transit?  Yes, there is a federal tax credit available for people that purchase weekly/monthly bus passes.  Visit the following link for complete information.

Can I advertise on the bus? Yes.  Deseronto Transit has several affordable advertising options available on the exterior & interior of our vehicles and at the office as well.  Please contact Susan Stolarchuk @ 613-396-4008 or for advertising rates and information.

Priority & Courtesy Seating

Priority-Courtesy Seating Graphic

Priority & Courtesy Seating

Show you care - offer your seat to someone who needs it more than you


The Accessibility of Ontarians with Disabilities Act, 2005 (AODA) requires businesses and organizations to provide accessible services to people with disabilities. The goal is for Ontario to be fully accessible by 2025.

The Integrated Accessibility Standards Regulation (IASR, 191-11), is a standard developed under the AODA which includes 80 accessibility standards relating to transportation, employment, and information and communications. Compliance dates set out in the IASR range from July 2011 through January 2021.

In compliance with Section 49 of Regulation 191-11, Ontario’s public transit authorities now provide Priority seating designated for use by passengers with disabilities.

Transit authorities recognize there are other customers who would also benefit from having a seat near the front of the bus. A Courtesy seating area has been designated for seniors, expectant mothers, adults traveling with infants/small children or any other customer who may benefit from a seat near the front of the bus.

Priority Seating

Priority Seating is for the use of passengers with a disability. These seats are located close to the front of the vehicle. Customers are expected to respect and obey the purpose of the designated seating area, which means:

if you are sitting in one of these designated seats, you MUST vacate the seat for a passenger with a disability.


  • A person with a disability occupying a Priority seat is not required to move for another customer with a disability. Use of these seats is on a first come-first served basis.
  • You are not required or expected to leave a transit vehicle in order to make room for a customer with a disability.
  • Bus drivers/operators will not intervene to enforce the requirement. We ask, however, that you show consideration for those whose need is greater than your own.

Courtesy Seating

Courtesy Seating is intended to provide additional seating for people who will benefit from having a seat near the front of the vehicle including:

  • seniors
  • expectant mothers
  • adults traveling with infants or small children
  • any other passenger who may benefit from a seat

If you are sitting in one of these designated seats, please respect its purpose and give up your seat to those who need it.


Drivers/operators will not enforce this requirement or intervene in any dispute related to Courtesy Seating. We ask, however, that you respect this designated seating area and show consideration for those whose need is greater than your own.

Priority & Courtesy Seating Frequently Asked Questions

Q         Why are there both Priority Seating and Courtesy Seating areas on a bus?

A          The Priority Seating area is a regulatory requirement under the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act. The Courtesy Seating area is provided in addition to the Priority Seating area for passengers who may benefit from a seat, but do not have a disability.

Q         I am a passenger with a disability. What do I do if the Priority Seating area is full when I board the bus?

A          Politely remind the customers seated in the Priority Seating area of its intended use and ask that they make room for you.

Q         What do I do if the passengers seated in the Priority Seating area refuse to move for me?

A          Please remember that passengers in the Priority Seating area may suffer from a disability that is not easily recognized by others and they may not be comfortable discussing it in public. If the passengers in the Priority Seating area do not move when requested, proceed to the Courtesy Seating area to find a seat.

Q         The Priority Seating decal states that other passengers MUST vacate for a passenger with a disability. If someone refuses to move for a passenger with a disability, who will make them obey the sign?

A          The wording on the decal is a legal requirement under Regulation 191-11 but the Regulation does not provide any reference to enforcement.

Given the vast number and varying degree of disabilities, many of which are invisible, it would be extremely difficult for a third part to determine who is more entitled to the Priority Seating area. As such, we expect customers to do the right thing.

Q         Can I ask the operator to force passengers to vacate a seat for me?

A          Drivers/operators will not intervene in a dispute between passengers regarding a seat.

Q         I am a person with a disability. When I board a bus which is full and people are both seated and standing in the Priority Seating area, do other passengers need to vacate the bus to make room for me in the Priority Seating area?

A          No. Public transit is first come, first served. Other passengers who have paid a fare are not expected to vacate the bus to make room for other passengers.

If you are not comfortable completing your trip without a seat, please wait for the next bus.

Advertising Opportunities

The Deseronto Transit has a range of advertising opportunities available on our transit vehicles and in our bus depot to assist you in promoting your business or organization to a wide market of potential consumers or clients.  Our transit vehicles are fast becoming more recognizable and visible, as they travel through the region many times a day, to destinations including Deseronto, Napanee, Belleville, Prince Edward County, and through Tyendinaga Territory.

To purchase advertising space with Deseronto Transit please complete the form below and return it by mail, e-mail or in person to the Deseronto Transit Office.

Deseronto Transit Advertising Package 

Department News

Deseronto Transit Received PJ Marshall Award