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Revitalization Program

The purpose of the Revitalization Program is to improve the economic, physical, and social well-being of Deseronto.  This is accomplished through strengthening local business and encouraging investment by building and property owners; creating enjoyable public streets and spaces animated by a variety of creative and civic activities; and through providing work and living opportunities that respond to people’s needs across a spectrum of ages and interests.  The program follows a four points approach to revitalization which covers: Physical Improvements, Economic Development, Marketing & Promotions, and Organizational Development.Downtown Deseronto (Community Banners Implemented by Revitalization Committee)

A variety of market research activities were conducted to determine Deseronto’s challenges and opportunities.  An action plan was then developed based on the analysis of market research data collected.  The action plan outlines the specific priorities and actions to be implemented as part of the program.  The action plan acts as a guide for the programs activities.  Note: Program highlights and reports including market research data and the program action plan are available below.

Interested members of the public are encouraged to join this exciting program.  If you are interested in joining the committee or assisting with specific committee projects/events please contact the program coordinator.
The Revitalization Committee meets once per month.  Meetings are located at the Deseronto Town Hall (331 Main St.).


Revitalization Program resources and funding assistance have been provided by the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food & Rural Affairs OMAFRA.

Program Coordinator: Dana Valentyne
P: 613-396-2440

Revitalization Committee
Program Highlights
Market Research
Program Action Plan


Revitalization Committee

Committee Members:
Mayor Norman Clark
Councillor Edgar Tumak
Marc Green
Lisa McNally
Gord McNally
Jean Rixen
Paul Robertson
Don Simpson
Irene Usher
Dana Valentyne, Coordinator


Program Highlights

The Revitalization Program has achieved great results to-date in Deseronto.  Many physical improvements have been implemented including directional banners to promote community districts, seasonal decorations, pedestrian amenities, signage, with many more physical improvements scheduled for the near future.  Business development and marketing programs have been developed such as ongoing business seminars and resources, joint advertising programs, and business promotion events.  Community events and programs have resulted including the Deseronto Waterfront Festival, Sidewalk & Yard Sale Events, Volunteer Appreciation Events, Business Recognition Programs, and more.   The Revitalization Project is inciting local community and business investment, and engaging the community by initiating partnerships and collaboration among community stakeholders.


__________________________________Market Research

Deseronto Economic Analysis
Deseronto Business Mix Analysis
Deseronto Trade Area Analysis
Resident Survey Results
Business Owner Survey Results
First Impressions Community Exchange (FICE) Presentation - Deseronto
FICE Complete Report - Deseronto


________________________________Program Action Plan

Deseronto Revitalization Program Action Plan